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Psst... Need to send a bat-signal our way? You're in for a treat!

Our secret lair is nestled in the heart of Ottawa, ON. Now, we might not have a brick-and-mortar potion centre (yet), but fear not! Venture to our friends at Morning Owl Parkdale; they've got the lowdown on all things NIMKII. 

For those who prefer a rendezvous in the wild world of markets, we're your kindred spirits! Join our merry band and let's make memories. Swipe through our IG for market rendezvous and the freshest of updates.

Now, if the thought of a face-to-face tête-à-tête gives you the big ick, worry not, dear friend. Shoot your questions, musings, or rib-ticklers through the form below or scribe an electronic owl to reach us at

The mystery hotline is open!


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